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For assistancer please call us on 08693034034
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Cleanroom Sticky Mat (Takmat)

Cleanroom Sticky Mat (Takmat)

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  • Mat composition: Polyethylene Film coated with envrironment-friendly antimicrobial ‘Water-base Acrylic adhesive’
  • Thickness /sheet: 0.045 mm ± 5%
  • Thickness /mat: 1.35 mm ± 5%
  • Colors: Blue
  • Dimensions: 24″ x 36″, 26″ x 45″
  • Packaging: 30 sheets/mat , 8 mats/case
  • Antibacterial rate: > 90%

Consistency : With use, the washable flooring systems gradually lose their ability to capture particles because of scratches, surface damage and repeated contamination and cleaning. Also, the life expectancy of the washable floor systems can be greatly reduced if the improper cleaning agents/equipment is used.

Maintenance: Washable flooring systems require dedicated personnel, specific chemicals and cleaning equipment, and a temporary shutdown of the entry/exit to the sterile area for regular cleaning maintenance. Periodic removal of contaminant buildups requires special solutions and detergents.
Safety : The washable floor mats become very slippery during the cleaning process and must be closed to traffic to avoid a safety hazard.

Cost : There are ongoing costs associated with a washable flooring system. Mops, squeegee, special cleaning solutions,buckets and personnel time, both in cleaning the flooring system and waiting for the area to safely dry add to the overall costs.

Convenience: Takmats are conveniently packaged 4 or 8 mats to a stackable carton. Buckets, mops and chemicals are unsightly, require more storage space and present contamination problems as they are used/stored.